Monday, June 29, 2015

Gender Equality Initiative 2015 - Colloquium on Gender Discrimination in the Learning Environment at Taylor's University, 8.4.2015


AWL's President, Meera Samanther, with the participants
The Association of Women Lawyers and the Bar Council had in late 2014 banded together with Taylor's University, INTI University, Advanced Tertiary College ( ATC), KDU College and Brickfileds Asia College (BAC) to establish the Gender Equality Initiative 2015 (GEI). The objective of the event is to create greater awareness amongst university and college students on gender equality. The first event under the GEI was the Colloquium on Gender Discrimination in the Learning Environment, which was held at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus on the 8th of April 2015.
The colloquium comprised of 2 parts, the written research paper as well as the oral presentation. Each participant was evaluated on factors which include research, the content of their presentation and the effectiveness of the message that they tried to bring across.
The competition at Taylor's University began at 2.00p.m. wherein 8 participants from the collaborating institutions delivered their presentations on issues relating to gender discrimination such as lack of access to education for young girls and discrimination against transgender athletes in schools. The participants demonstrated a high level of dedication and genuine passion towards their research. They also managed to handle the Question & Answer session with poise and confidence despite being bombarded with difficult questions from the audience. The winners of the competition are:-
Champion: Joash Nicholas Ong
1st Runner Up: Sukayna Khalid Khan
2nd Runner Up: Patricia Chong Su Yin
All in all, the Colloquium was a success and AWL together with the collaborators look forward to the next event under the GEI, which is the upcoming Debate Competition on the 16th of June 2015.

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