Thursday, July 30, 2009


1.1 The Association of Women Lawyers is responsible for the promotion of the rights, welfare and professional development of women lawyers and law graduates in Malaysia.

1.2 It is an organisation to eliminate discrimination and ensure full and equal participation of women lawyers and law graduates in the legal and related fields.

2. The Association of Women Lawyers aims to ensure the attainment and full enjoyment of all rights for women from all walks of life based on principles of substantive equality.

3. The Association of Women Lawyers aims to advance justice for all individuals.


1. To promote and increase the participation of women in all levels of judicial, legal and public institutions.

2. To provide education, gender sensitization and awareness in legal and related fields.

3. To monitor laws, legislation, policies and practice directions and to advocate reforms that ensure promotion of equality and eradication of all forms of discrimination against women.

4. To promote the adoption and implementation of international human rights standards, principles and norms.

5. To collaborate nationally, regionally and internationally with interested groups that share similar aims and objectives.

6. To liaise with other Women Lawyers Groups at the national, regional and international levels.

7. To provide a professional and social network for women lawyers and law graduates in Malaysia.


Please post and email me the following details with your payment in favour of "Association of Women Lawyers" to:

Goh Siu Lin
c/o Messrs Shook Lin & Bok
20th Floor, AmBank Group Building
55, Jalan Raja Chulan
50200 Kuala Lumpur








Registration fee for ordinary / associate members (RM10)

Annual fee for ordinary members (RM12 - law graduates)
Annual fee for associate members (RM6 - law students)

Enclosed herewith is cash / cheque in the sum of

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