Monday, March 19, 2012

"Wanita Suara Perubahan" Rally - 18.3.2012

To celebrate International Women's Day, a coalition of 15 women NGO groups led a civil society initiative called "Wanita Suara Perubahan" (Women the Voice of Change). AWL was one of the key organisers of this event.

The rally was to raise awareness on women's concerns amongst members of the public, calling specifically upon women voters to participate in the 13th General Elections for a clean government and for Members of Parliament to take heed of our 6 core demands which are:-

1. A government free of corruption.

2. A decent living wage.

3. A better quality of life.

4. An end to violence against women and all genders.

5. Repeal the Peaceful Assembly Act 2011.

6. Free and fair elections.

Thousands of women from all corners of Malaysia came together to show their support for change for a better Malaysia.

The AWL team out in full force. Decked in purple and donning white gloves.

From left to right: Meera Samanther, Sharon Tee, Tham Hui Ying, Kiran Dhaliwal, Vicky Alahakone, Goh Siu Lin.

The indigeneous women's group.

Peaceful and orderly march.

The drummers lent a festive feel, accompanying our chants of "Hidup! Hidup! Hidup Wanita!" "Bangkit! Bangkit! Bangkit Wanita!" "Tolak! Tolak! Tolak Rasuah!"

Women of all ages, social groups (including the "peladang wanita"), sexual preferences and race came from all corners of Malaysia - Tawau, Trengganu, Kelantan, Melaka, Selangor, Penang even Singapore!

Meera Samanther and the iconic Irene Fernandez.

The leader of the Indigenous women's group who gave a very moving and powerful speech on the special difficulties that their community faced.

The media.

Enjoying the AWL camaraderie.

The 6 core demands.

Teaching us the vigourous Jaiho bollywood moves. Meera can be seen on the left side of the stage.

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AWL members end the day with a group photo with Irene Fernandez and Dato Ambiga Sreenivasan.

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