Monday, June 29, 2015

Annual General Meeting of the Association of Women Lawyers - 29th April, 2015

AWL's AGM held at the Bar Council meeting room. Here we are hard at work amending the constitution... long overdue.

The AWL family has grown .. old friends and new faces.

AWL Exco for 2015-2017

President: Goh Siu Lin
Vice-President: Tham Hui Ying
Secretary: Kathlyn Lee Sue In
Assistant Secretary: Chong Lit San
Treasurer: Ida Daniella Zulkifili
Assistant Treasurer: Nur Raihan Jasmani

Committee Members:
Meera Samantha
Sheena Gurbakhash
Santhi Latha

Co-opted Members:
Kiran Dhaliwal
Sharmini Thiruchelvam
Lee Lyn-Ni,
Quah Su Enn

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