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AWL Xmas Party - 7th December, 2012

Written by Khoo Chai Har.

Christmas has always been a special occasion for AWL, and year 2012 was not an exception. For this year, our Treasurer, Sharmini Thiruchelvam had graciously volunteered to host AWL's Christmas dinner party at her residence in Petaling Jaya.

        When I arrived at Sharmini's home at about 8:15pm, a few of the AWL members were already seated with drinks in their hands. The house was beautifully decorated, a Christmas tree stood in a corner where gifts were laid beneath.

Hors d'oeuvres and aperitifs were served by our gracious hostess herself personally, while her son was our bar tender for the night and  happily mixed our drinks for us. The food were delicious, and the members were more than happy to help themselves to the blinis (Russian pancake) topped with caviar and sour cream, skillet skewers with a combination of cheese, fruit and olives, blinis topped with sambal ikan bilis and a variety of meat balls while wine and liquor continued to flow.

        In between bites, we quickly caught up with each other’s lives and we even got Ida Daniella (Dani) to sing for us . Always one to humor us, Dani began belting out Irene Cara's "What A Feeling" while the rest of us clapped,  cheered her on and tried to sing along.

        After much bantering and laughing, dinner was served buffet style and as always, all of us piled our plate highs with salad, rice, vegetable and mutton curry, grilled chicken. Dinner was as good as the hors d'oeuvres (if not better), and we began begging our hostess for her recipes.

Immediately after dinner, the exchange of gifts took place amid much delight and laughter. This was followed by a game of Taboo, where all of us were split into 2 groups. The competitive edge of us lawyers began to reveal itself as the night went on and in the end  the losing team had to perform a Christmas dance, a scene from the movie "Mean Girls"! . It was a sight to behold to see some of the lawyers perform.

        After much laughter and raucous in our hostess' living room, we all adjourned for a night cap and the night continued with games and small talk. All in all, it was a lovely celebration for all of us and the party encapsulated the spirit of Christmas in its entirety.

      We are indeed grateful to Sharmini for being so generous with her hospitality.

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