Monday, December 23, 2013

AWL Xmas Party and What a Party it was!

The festive season is here and last Friday, saw AWL lawyers gathering at Chef n Brew, to celebrate another good year of projects successfully undertaken, to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.

As I sat there, I marvelled at the warmth and camaraderie on display. How this year's celebrations contrasted with the first AWL Xmas party three years ago, when many were still new to AWL and to one another. I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Ida Daniella, Kathlyn and Hui Ying spear-headed the Xmas themed party games,
 first on the agenda, a Xmas present exchange. Someone reads a story aloud and the
gift is passed in the direction (Left or Right) stated in the story. The person holding
the gift at the end of the story gets to keep it.
Eg. "I left my house and was on my way to Lucy Left's house..."

Women practitioners and non-practitioners, ranging from pupils up to those
with 40 years of practice under their belt (ie. Ms Vicky Alahakone).  
Jane Pragasam delighted with her new
bling bling jewellery and earrings.
Tham Hui Ying (Assistant Secretary) now has no excuse
for badly manicured nails!
Our President, Meera Samanther, looking beautiful in
 her lace detailed dress.
Showing off our Xmas stash... Note Ms Foo's skull top, only she
 is able to pull off this look and still look chic.
With Kathlyn Lee (Secretary) and Hui Ying (Assistant Secretary)
Ms Foo's turn at charades.
L to R: Hui Ying, Shahin, Meera, Fiona
Team Incorrigibles... leading in Charades much to the chagrin of my team.... :(

The final score... losers (The Unpretentious) had to write "Merry Christmas"
with their bottoms much to the amusement of fellow patrons.
Vicky and her protege, Hui Ying.
L to R: Kiran (best-dressed in my book), Siu Lin, Vicky, Hui Ying, Ms Foo, Shahin.
Big dazzling smiles...enough to light up any room (or Xmas tree!) 
Kathly, Ida Daniella, Hui Ying, Siu Lin, Sally, Cheryl and Eliz.
Any Xmas celebration would not be complete without some carolling!
Dextrous Kathlyn on the keyboard. We rocked the restaurant with "Jingle Bells"!
It was a fantastic and memorable evening.

We look forward to a fruitful and impactful year ahead and all are welcome to help in our future projects and lead AWL to a higher platform.

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