Friday, September 6, 2013

In a quandary for being kind, compassionate and tolerant

A great article written by Datuk Noor Faridah , former President of AWL . former Sessions Court Judge & former Ambassador to the Hague .


In a quandary for being kind, compassionate and tolerant

I READ with concern the report on the arrest of Maznah Mohd Yusof who was featured in the so-called controversial video celebrating Hari Raya with her dogs.

The police took action based on a report made against her in Segamat.

Jakim, which had been consulted by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, has now decided that the video clip is insulting to Islam.

Of late, many things have been pronounced as insulting to Islam including the Alvivi video clip (which admittedly was offensive to Muslims but the couple has since apologised), the participation of four Muslim girls in a beauty contest, and now this.

This vague and all-encompassing offence should be a cause of concern to Muslims as the powers that be can haul anyone to court for any act deemed offensive to one or two Muslims with different views.

I consider myself a devout Muslim but neither I nor any of my decent, moderate, tolerant, practising Muslim friends find Maznah’s video clip offensive.

There is nothing in the Quran or Hadith which states that dogs are unclean. Indeed a Hadith as narrated by Imam Muslim states that Muslims may keep dogs to guard their homes or property.

I am concerned that scarce police resources are being used to investigate this inconsequential video and its maker when our law enforcers should be focussing and directing their resources to serious crimes such as murder, rape and gun violence which are being committed on a daily basis in this country.

As for the Islamic authorities, should they not concern themselves with the more serious transgressions committed by the Muslim faithful such as rampant corrupt activities, rape, incest, infanticide or even snatch thefts which have led to loss of lives?

The above crimes are absolutely forbidden and are more insulting to Islam than celebrating Hari Raya with one’s canine pets or participating in beauty contests, as the aforementioned crimes are harmful to society.

If Maznah is charged in court for some vague offence or even sedition, it will be perceived as an abuse of the legal process and will also make Malaysia the laughing stock of the world.

I believe it is high time for decent, moderate and tolerant Muslims in this country to speak out against the creeping Talibanism which seems to be invading the country.

We need to show the world and non-Muslims the kind, compassionate and tolerant face of Islam as opposed to the intolerant, holier-than-thou and punitive image of Islam espoused by some Muslims in this country.


Kuala Lumpur

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