Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Taylors' Law Awareness Week (6-8 December, 2011)

Our AWL volunteers on duty for our recruitment exercise at Taylors' College, Lakeside campus today. This is the second day of their Law Awareness Week which was launched yesterday afternoon by Mr. Christopher Leong, Vice-President of the Bar Council.

Ms. Daniella with a potential recruit. She was responsible for bringing all our AWL paraphernalia and made it to the venue despite suffering a set-back in the form of a punctured tyre!

Kathlyn and myself with another two new recruits.

Appreciation also goes to Ms Sheena Gurbakhash who was on the second shift, from around noon ending at 4pm today. Missed her as I had to rush off for a meeting.

Well done and thank you all!

Goh Siu Lin

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