Sunday, August 14, 2011

AWL Brainstorming Session 13th August, 2011

A short report on the outcome of our recent brainstorming session from our President:

"Brainstorming Session Report:

A) Our Agenda for the day was:

1. Expectations check by each member
2.Revisiting reasons why we joined
3.Brief introduction of current projects

4.The change we want to see:

a) what can we do
b) what needs to be done
c) who are the actors we need to influence
d) preconditions that need to bring about the change (short term , medium etc)

5. Wrap up & Next steps

B) Angela took us through the process of making us reflect on how we would like AWL to be remembered in the next 3 - 5 years . We were asked to imagine that AWL is no longer in existence i.e. dead and gone and what would be it's epitaph . For example , Herein lies AWL and it is remembered for the great work it did on raising awareness on Sexual Harassment within the BAR .

It was quite an interesting session and many had hilarious imagination but all in all very realistic too.

The list is as follows:

1. AWL will be remembered as a credible voice and a Consultant to the BAR
2. AWL will be remembered for its change of name to Malaysian Association of Women Lawyers ( MAWL ) instead of just representing Selangor and KL only
3. AWL will be remembered for bringing about change and enabling women lawyers to enter any fields of law. ( We know that many women now enter the profession and end up with very gendered fields of law. )
4.AWL will be remembered for bringing about change in the law to better protect women in Malaysia.( specifically Sexual Harassment, gender bias in legislation etc)
5. AWL will be remembered because Women law students are more knowledgeable about the legal profession to make informed decisions before entering the profession .
6.AWL will be remembered for bridging the link between NGOs and women lawyers
7. AWL will be remembered as activists and credible voices in their own right
8.AWL will be remembered for raising issues of discrimination and inequality, especially in the BAR
9. Awl will be remembered because No women would be left without legal representation. Women lawyers are committed to contributing to address social and legal issues .
10. AWL will be remembered for raising the minimum 30% representation of women in the Judiciary , Syariah and Bar Council
11. AWL will be remembered for changing the culture in sharing knowledge, skills and experiences among lawyers and other actors
12. AWL will
be remembered because now Transgenders are treated as equal persons before the law
13. AWL will be remembered for incorporating social justice (eg. paternity law/ provision for men)
14. AWL will be remembered for raising awareness about " rape in custody irrespective of where it happens (in prison) and to whom (transgenders)"
15 . AWL will be remembered for sensitizing legal processes to ensure women's rights are protected (eg rape, sexual offences)

C) Various Committees were formed :

1. Research - looking at Baseline survey on the professional development of women lawyers (ongoing project )

2. Membership Drive

3. Communication & Media - looking at Facebook , website etc and specifically looking at Section 95 of the Law Reform (Marriage & Divorce) Act.

4. Fundraising for AWL - projects

5. Networking

6. Professional & Personal Development

I will forward a write up in the next few days on the existing research
project that AWL has undertaken i.e. Baseline Report on the Professional Development of Women lawyers .

At this morning's meeting, various members had shown interest in being the various committees . We will also send invites out to other members to be part of the various committees listed above . Looking forward to working with all of you.

Meera Samanther

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