Friday, July 1, 2011

Press Statement from Association of Women Lawyers

AWL supports the work of any organisation that has the aim of increasing women's
participation in decision making and in particular in women's political participation.

Attempts by the police and other various groups in discrediting Empower's work
on political participation by only highlighting one selective poster of Shamsiah
Fakeh in various media, shows the lack of understanding of all the work that
women's groups and the work of the Government of Malaysia is undertaking in
promoting women's participation.

As a lawyer myself, in my legal profession, there are 48% of lawyers are women
and 52% are male lawyers. However the number of women lawyers in decision making
positions in the legal proffession is disproportionately low. As such there is
an urgent need for organisations like Empower to continue their work on
increasing women's participation in decision making positions.

AWL applauds the work of Empower and condemns attempts to discredit their work.

Meera Samanther
Association of Women Lawyers

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